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Problem question: Tabitha is an 18 year old woman who wants a breast reduction. Tabitha is referred by her GP to Dr Smith, who is a cosmetic surgeon practising in Coffs Harbour. Dr Smith noted that the complication rates in breast reduction cases are low. His personal statistics indicate that his patients only experience breast reduction surgery complications in 1 in 2,000 cases. The average complication rates for breast reduction surgery in NSW is 1 in 500 cases. Dr Smith told Tabitha about his personal complication rates, but not the average NSW complication rates. Dr Smith went on to explain that the main complications relating to breast surgery include infection and post-operative healing problems. Tabitha notes she is particularly concerned that she would suffer ongoing pain as a result of the surgery. Dr Smith stated ‘ongoing pain after breast reduction surgery is highly unlikely.’ Dr Smith gives Tabitha a consent form to sign. Tabitha quickly signs the form without reading. As Tabitha is leaving , Dr Smith provides her with a pamphlet which sets out the possible complications of the surgery. When Dr Smith is performing surgery he finds a small tumour in Tabitha’s right breast. He removes the tumour during the surgery rather than schedule another separate surgery. He was concerned the tumour might be malignant . The surgery was performed competently. Post-operative complication arise and Tabitha suffers significant pain in her left breast.

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