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4 Pages Essays / Projects Year Uploaded: 2021

Please find attached my Stage 1 Research Practises outcome titled: In a post-cold war world, has trickle down economics worked? Here is the task sheet: This task requires you to synthesise your research and identify or demonstrate your key findings (knowledge, skills and ideas). They must be substantiated with evidence and/or examples from your research. The outcome must show a resolution to your research question (it should answer the question). You need to use either Harvard in-text referencing with a Reference List or Bibliography at the end or Oxford footnote referencing. Use your research question as the title of your work. Include a brief introduction to your topic/question and a conclusion at the end in which you answer your research question, justifying your answer with the evidence presented. You should complete the written part of your research outcome using only the information in your Key Finding table on pages 3&4 of Workbook 3 (it can be reworded and you can add connecting words). (If more information is needed, you will have to add this to your Key Finding table first.) Each key finding should be used to form a separate paragraph/slide/section of your research outcome. My teacher's comment: You have shown a thorough development of the research skills required to write your research outcome. You have been able to show an insightful interpretation and analysis of the information and data you have gathered. Your question "In a post-cold war world, has trickle-down economics worked?"was researched well! I really enjoyed reading about your topic although I did find it difficult to understand at times, purely on my financial and political knowledge as it was exceptionally well written. Congratulations on a very successful assignment. Well done! I received an A+ (32/32) for this assignment

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