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Queensland University of Technology

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Criminal Law Exam Notes
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Criminal Law Exam Notes
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Criminal Law Exam Notes
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Criminal Law Exam Notes
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Criminal Law Exam Notes
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Criminal Law Exam Notes

LLB106 - Criminal Law

83 Pages Queensland University of Technology Complete Study Notes Year Uploaded: 2017

Weeks 4 - 13 criminal law exam notes: OFFENCES OF WHICH ASSAULT IS AN ELEMENT 3 Assault 3 Offences Endangering Life or Health 5 Unlawful Wounding 6 Offences with Specific Intent 8 Negligence causing bodily harm 8 Domestic violence 9 Unlawful Stalking 13 Unlawful Killing 17 Criminal Negligence 21 MURDER, MANSLAUGHTER, ATTEMPTED MURDER, UNLAWFUL STRIKING CAUSING DEATH 23 Homicide 23 Murder 23 Dangerous Act Killing 25 Attempted Murder 27 Manslaughter 27 SEXUAL OFFENCES 27 Rape 27 Sexual Assault 31 Aggravated Circumstances for Sexual Assault 33 Other Sexual Offences 33 DEFENCES AND EXCUSES 34 Provocation 34 Provocation in relation to Unlawful Killing 35 Availability of Excuse 39 Self-Defence 41 Killing for Preservation in Abusive Domestic Relationship 45 Extraordinary Emergencies 47 Compulsion 48 Act Independent of Will / Accident 49 Accident 50 Insanity 51 Diminished Responsibility 53 Intoxication 55 Mistake 57 Mistake of Law 58 Mistake of Fact 60 PROPERTY OFFENCES 62 Stealing 62 Fraud 66 Robbery 68 Burglary 70 Wilful Damage 71 Arson 73 OFFENCES INVOLVING DISHONESTY OR UNLAWFUL POSESSION 74 Receiving Tainted Property 74 Obtaining Property and Similar Offences 75 Unlawful use or Possession of Motor Vehicles, Aircraft or Vessels 75 DRUGS MISUSE 77 Possessing Dangerous Drugs 78 Supplying a Dangerous Drug 80 Trafficking in Dangerous Drugs 81 Producing Dangerous Drugs 82 Receiving or Possession Obtained from Trafficking or Supplying Dangerous Drugs 82

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