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Ethics - Kant, virtue and Util and Kohlberg
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Ethics - Kant, virtue and Util and Kohlberg

BSB111 - Business, Law & Ethics

7 Pages Essays / Projects Year: Pre-2018

Kolhberg's theory of moral development states that we progress through three levels of moral thinking, each composed of two stages, that build on our cognitive development. From the information provided regarding Morris and Nguyen’s moral thinking it can be reasoned that they participated in the fraudulent acts under the belief that they would not be caught. This suggests if they had been caught they would not have participated. Therefore, level one, stage one of Kohlberg’s theory, when a person acts morally in order to avoid punishment reflects them. The case also indicates both men participated in the act to increase profits, reflecting Level one, Stage two of the theory, where agents act morally if there is benefit in it for them. In the case Morris and Nguyen regarded the material rewards to be considerable when they pushed clients into inappropriate high-risk products. Therefore, Morris and Nguyen’s moral reasoning reflects the ‘Pre-Conventional’ Level one of the theory as it contains elements of both stage one and two. There is no indication of any reasoning regarding observing the law, social duties or universal ethical principles.

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