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Navigating the Global Creative Short Story

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Navigating the Global Creative, got a mark of 18/20, an adaptable story and follows the HSC standards well.

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Navigating the Global Creative Short Story
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I remembered our drawings on the four concrete walls, walls which only offered intrusion through an elaborate doorway of green and red. But I mostly remembered the spectacular apple trees in the central courtyard garden. It was easy to while away a whole afternoon counting the apples over and over again, giggling as we dared each other to pluck the largest, reddest, juiciest one and share it around. Our mother probably knew. Sadly, as homework and chores became routine, the trees became forgotten. It was very easy to forget the apple trees The bus honked repeatedly as my eyes diverted to the unfamiliar concrete jungle outside. My brother remained expressionless. This was my first visit back to China after 12 long years, and it was only the thought of my mother s loneliness which brought me back. I continued to look around the bus. Gone were the days when I could strike up a ...
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