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Essay / Project

ANTH107 Essay
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ANTH107 Essay

ANTH107 - Saints, Shamans, Cults and Demons: The Anthropology of Contemporary Religions

4 Pages Macquarie University Essay / Project Year: Pre-2017

Myth, Ritual, and Sorcery are terms describing activities of pre-modern, primitive societies."  As an anthropologist do you agree or disagree about this statement? Discuss by providing ethnographic examples to support your argument.  As an anthropologist, it is clear that myth, ritual, and sorcery are all activities still highly prevalent in today's modern society. Myth is very prevalent within modern society with stories of UFO’s and Organ transfers being particularly popular. Rituals are seen throughout, with ceremonies of marriage and childbirth and the ritual of offerings all seen within 21st-century society. Finally, sorcery whilst less prevalent still is seen today, especially within African countries. Therefore, it can be argued that myth, ritual, and sorcery are not terms which describe activities of pre-modern, primitive societies.

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