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The management of business organisations is a complicated area of study. In addition to excellent management skills, you need to be extremely agile and critical and achieve a very good understanding of core concepts. The MGC1010 – Introduction to Management course at Monash University aims to introduce this topic using a case-based approach that will explore a multitude of different topics — and it is so intricate that you’ll almost certainly find yourself needing additional study materials to inspire your learning.

Thinkswap is Australia’s best learning resource, developed specifically for students with one main objective — to fuel academic success. Our extensive database of study materials is the result of the collective contribution of fellow students, who have provided their own materials in an effort to help others improve their skills.

Our resources also include MGC1010 – Introduction to Management materials, such as notes, essays, exam questions and a wealth of additional documents that delve into different aspects of the course. Our stringent selection process ensures only the best materials make it to our database, and we have a whole editorial department that will carefully review each document that is being uploaded to the system.

So go ahead — look for study materials and ‘buy’ them using your existing credits. When you run out, simply upload your own materials or use PayPal to purchase more.

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