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HSC - Higher School Certificate

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SOR II Complete Preliminary Notes - Christianity, Islam and Judaism
Page 1/68
SOR II Complete Preliminary Notes - Christianity, Islam and Judaism
Page 34/68
SOR II Complete Preliminary Notes - Christianity, Islam and Judaism
Page 51/68

SOR II Complete Preliminary Notes - Christianity, Islam and Judaism

Studies of Religion II

68 Pages HSC - Higher School Certificate Year 11 Complete Study Notes Year Uploaded: 2017

Nature of Religion Worldviews The characteristics of religion A DYNAMIC, LIVING RELIGION Aboriginal Spirituality Overview DREAMING DIVERSITY AND IMPORTANCE OF THE DREAMING Daoism JUDAISM Origins Life of Abraham Describe the Covenant with the Patriarchs including the promises of a People and a land Outline the story of the Exodus and the giving of the Law at Sinai, including the Ten Commandments JUDAISM VARIANTS Progressive Judaism JUDAISM PRINCIPLE BELIEFS Belief in one god The concept of a divinely inspired moral code The importance of the covenant to the Jewish people JUDAISM SACRED TEXTS AND WRITINGS The importance of the Hebrew Bible Talmud Key Beliefs in Scripture CORE ETHICAL TEACHINGS THE COMMANDMENTS OF THE TORAH – HALACHAH THE PROPHETIC VISION – TIKKUN OLAM TZEDAKAH AND GEMILUT CHASIDIM Importance of ethical teachings and Halakhah for Jewish adherents Demonstrate the beliefs that underpin Shabbat CHRISTIANITY Origins Origins of Christianity Historical and cultural context of Christianity Jesus Christ – Principal Events Describe the early development of Christian communities after the death of Jesus Unique features of the Variants Principal Beliefs The divinity and humanity of Jesus Christ Death, resurrection and ascension of Jesus The nature of God and the Trinity Revelation Salvation Sacred Texts and Writings Bible Core Ethical Teachings The Ten Commandments New Testament ethics The Beatitudes Jesus’ commandment of love Personal Devotion Describe Different Types of Personal Prayer ISLAM Islam: Submission to Allah (Origins) Pre-Islamic Arabia Principal Beliefs Religion in Australia Pre-1945

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