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Criticism of Tsar Nicholas II

Modern History

3 Pages Essays / Projects Year: Pre-2018

Tsar Nicholas II was the most highly criticised rulers of Russia throughout the whole Romanov Dynasty, and this was due to his uncertain and waivable decisions. Many problems had arose from 1905 – 1914, and Tsar Nicholas had addressed them to some extent. Politically, many individuals were discontent with the government as majority of the population had no voice in the way the country was run. There were attempts to address these issues, including the introduction the October Manifesto. Social issues during this time included the side effects of industrialisation, leading to poor working/living conditions. With all the issues ascending in Russia, many revolutionary groups were founded to provide an alternative to the Tsarist regime. As well as these issues, economically Russia were not really helping their selves for the future, as much had spent on the Russo – Japanese War. Additionally, compared to many European nations at the time, Russia were poorly industrialised.

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