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1983 America's Cup Investigation

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Year 11 - Historical investigation Choose a historical event and write 1000-1500 word investigation. Provide a log and bibliography of your work. This project focuses on the 1983 America's cup yacht event where Australia revolutionised Yacht design and ended the longest international winning streak (132 years) by America

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1983 America's Cup Investigation
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America's Cup Ben Lexcen Australia II Liberty Australia Kirk Cooper Oracle Team USA Yacht
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Topics this document covers:
America's Cup Ben Lexcen Australia II Liberty Australia Kirk Cooper Oracle Team USA Yacht
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The 1983 Americas cup Summary including focus questions 3 Log of events 4-­‐6 Investigation 7-­‐10 Bibliography 11-­‐12 2 ________________ The 1983 Americas cup Focus Question: • Why was Australia’s win in the 1983 America’s cup so significant Inquiry questions: • Why did America maintain the cup for 132 years • What did this success mean for the Australian economy as well as their reputation as a nation Background research Date: September 14-­‐27 1983 Location: Newport, Rhode Island Challenger: Defender: Australia America Australia II Liberty Royal Perth Yacht Club New York Yacht Club Boats used: Australia II -...
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