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11 Pages Essays / Projects Year: Pre-2019

Case study on the murder and rape of Jill Meagher 2013. Detailed evaluation on: • The Criminal Investigation Process: Discusses the use of warrants, gathering of evidence which led up to the arrest of Adrian Bayley, refusal of bail due to his recidivist nature (i.e. he has a long history of violent sexual crimes). • The Criminal Trial Process: Discusses and evaluates the use of courts (Adversary system), use of legal representation, Adrian Bayley's use of defences, assesses whether justice is achieved. • Sentencing and Punishment: The factors that are taken into account when determining a sentence (Deterrence etc), aggravating factor (He raped and killed Ms Meagher, and attempted to hide the body) gruesome nature of the crime, and the role of Ms Meagher's family (statements discussing how much his crime had affected them). In other words, this assignment extensively addresses all the Learn to dot points from 2-4. You can use this in exams as an extensive research, I used this case in the extended responses (since it is so in-depth, you don't have to remember multiple small cases). In addition, this is a very recent case. Pros: Received 47/50, good evaluation, very in-depth and detailed, chose a case study that covered a lot of the dot points (helpful to use in exams). Very similar to the type of assignment you would get in University Law (for first-year students, just a different evaluation criteria). Cons: Lost marks for going over word limit and quite long (Over 3000 words)+ 'weak' conclusion'.

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