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Legal Studies Prelim Notes

Legal Studies

47 Pages Complete Study Notes Year Uploaded: 2020

The Legal System : Basic Legal Concepts A law is a special type of rule that has been made by a person or institution that has the authority to make laws. This is referred to as ‘sovereign power’ Laws made by Parliament are known as ‘Statute Law’ Australia has a type of legal system known as ‘common law’. This allows for laws also to be made by judges when there is lack of statute law. The most important feature of law is that it is universal. This means that the law applies constantly and consistently. In other words, the law is always in effect. Individuals do not have the authority to decide if they need to comply with the law; instead, society expects them to stop at the sign every time regardless of the circumstances List of Key Terms: Law: a set of rules imposed on all members of a community, which are officially recognised, binding and enforceable by persons or organisations such as the police and/or courts Customs: collective habits or traditions that have developed in a society over a long period of time Fairness: freedom from bias, dishonesty or injustice; a concept commonly related to everyday activities Equality: the state or quality of being equal; that is, of having the same rights or status Access: the right or opportunity to make use of something Justice: the legal principle of upholding generally accepted rights and enforcing responsibilities, ensuring that equal outcomes are achieved for those involved Values: principles, standards or qualities considered worthwhile or desirable within a society Ethics: moral principles that govern a person's behaviours or the conducting of an activity

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