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2 Pages Topic Notes Year Uploaded: 2022

Key definitions of subject Food Manufacture: Production and processing of food  quality and quantity control in the selection of raw materials for food processing  role of food additives in the manufacturing process  characteristics of equipment used in different types of production and the factors influencing their selection  production systems used in the manufacture of food, eg small scale, large scale, manual, automated, computerised quality management considerations in industrial practices to achieve safe foods for public consumption, eg hazard analysis and critical control point (HACCP); work health and safety and hygiene Preservation  reasons for preserving foods, eg safety, acceptability, nutritive value, availability and economic viability  causes of food deterioration and spoilage:  environmental factors (infestation, oxygen, light and water)  enzymatic activity  microbial contamination (mould, yeast and bacteria)  principles behind food preservation techniques, including temperature control and restriction of moisture, exclusion of air and pH  preservation processes, including canning, drying, pasteurising, freezing and fermenting Packaging, storage and distribution  functions of packaging and types of materials available  current developments in packaging, including active packaging; modified atmosphere packaging; sous vide  storage conditions and distribution systems at various stages of food manufacture

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