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HSC - Higher School Certificate

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Essay / Project

HSC English Advanced, Creative Writing - A Beggar's Picture
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HSC English Advanced, Creative Writing - A Beggar's Picture

English (Advanced)

3 Pages HSC - Higher School Certificate Year 12 Essay / Project Year: Pre-2017

In her mind, the young woman could see it all. The twinkling fairy lights that lit up the old city when the sun went down, the different coloured houses that bordered the canal stuck together to create one long multi-coloured building, and the beautiful canal that ran through and reflected the luminous town in sparkling, shimmery waves. The memory was a lovely one, one that struck into the heart of young Willow and imprinted itself into her mind. She knew she had probably glorified it a little in her memory, for she was very little the last time she walked those cobblestone streets that shined like sea glass, but it was nice nonetheless. It was a rarity these days to think of anything without bitterness. Rare for a beggar, like her, that is. The bitterness of moving away from a perfect home, the bitterness of your parents separating soon after, of your father resorting to alcohol and gambling… then both of your parents were killed because of a debt long ago that had yet to paid. Needless to say, ever since Willow's family moved away from the picturesque Town of Glowen to the City of Darkane, her life had taken a dark turn.

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