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Trung Sisters Essay 25/25

Ancient History

6 Pages Essays / Projects Year: Pre-2018

People are swept along by events. Some individuals use events to advantage. The two Trung warriors, mounted on giant war elephants, led their soldiers into a battle where they would fight honourably for the freedom and dignity of their people. Swept along by events, Trung Trac and Trung Nhi effectively used circumstances to their advantage and became powerful symbols of Vietnamese resistance and self-determination. The sisters were born in the Jiaozhi province during the year 12 AD. After leading a successful uprising against the Chinese Han dynasty, the sisters were recognised as sovereign rulers for a brief three years, with their royal court established in Me-linh. The rebellion was eventually crushed by Ma Yuan’s Chinese army in 43 AD, however, there remains contestation among historians regarding the ultimate fate of the sisters. Despite their military failure, the martyred warriors were nonetheless successful in strengthening Vietnamese resistance and initiating the movement against Chinese domination. The sisters utilised various circumstances including their militaristic and matriarchal upbringing, entrenched Vietnamese resentment of the Chinese, and the execution of Thi Sach, Trac’s husband. The sisters proficiently capitalised these events, undoubtedly enabling their success.

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