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Investigating the daily life of a person from Pompeii or Herculaneum using evidence to support your claims. Imagine you are an individual living in one of the cities of Vesuvius just prior to the eruption of 79 AD. Present a first-person filmed monologue of between 5-6 minutes in which you introduce yourself and explain your daily life using evidence to support your explanation. In the historical analysis presentation, you must demonstrate an understanding of the life of your chosen individual through a range of historical and archaeological sources. This must include an understanding of: The network of relationships and obligations that existed in this society; -- Religious beliefs and practices; -- Leisure activities; -- Food and Dining The individual you choose may be real or imaginary. The individual may come from any social class or gender. However, the information you present must be based on specific archaeological evidence. You must integrate at least four different sources into your presentation. Effective integration of historical sources involves: -- A clear and detailed explanation of what the source is; -- Demonstration of a sophisticated understanding of the ‘evidence’ provided by the source; -- Explicit links made between the factual point being made and the evidence provided by the source.

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