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Historical Periods: Persia Syllabus Notes
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Page 1/32
Historical Periods: Persia Syllabus Notes
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Page 16/32
Historical Periods: Persia Syllabus Notes
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Page 24/32

Historical Periods: Persia Syllabus Notes

Ancient History

32 Pages Complete Study Notes Year: Pre-2018

• Though difficult to critically analyse available sources due to limited nature, is still evident that Cyrus’s exemplary role in establishment of PE and his own personal attributes justifiably earned him the title ‘the Great’ • Not only did establish one of gr8est empires in history, but also dramatically expanded it, spanning Eastern Medit to Egypt, having utilized his military shrewdness to conquer Media, Lydia, smaller states and Babylon • Instituted effective admin system, adopted pol of tol whilst exercising tight control, applied pragmatism + good judgement in appointing key personnel and promoted himself as liberator rather than conqueror • The econ also flourished under rule + in his building programs, esp Pasaradae, left legacy, having fused artistic styles of different cultures into a new eclectic art style

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