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Edith Cowan University

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Essay / Project

Indigenous Australians as Offenders and Victims, Criminological Theories
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Indigenous Australians as Offenders and Victims, Criminological Theories

CRI3102 - Indigenous Australians as Victims and Offenders

10 Pages Edith Cowan University Essay / Project Year Uploaded: 2017

This essay will discuss the over representation of the indigenous population group in the criminal justice system compared with other population groups such as the Anglo-Saxon class. Reasons and theories for this over-representation will be discussed in detail in order to attain knowledge regarding the topic. This paper will argue that the over-representation of Indigenous people can be explained by their underprivileged position in both socioeconomic terms and by individual and institutional discrimination, and a product of an underlying power struggle between the dominant Anglo-group and the indigenous community through the Conflict theory in criminology. A theoretical explanation of this phenomenon as it applies to the indigenous incarceration rate of adult prisoners compared to their non-indigenous counterparts will be offered in this regard. Additionally, theories such as the differential involvement hypothesis, negative discrimination hypothesis and positive discrimination hypothesis are explored in order to attain an understanding of the influence of discrimination on sentencing options and its impact of the over-representation of indigenous Australians involved in the criminal justice system.

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